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Off-Grid Design - 5 kW Dual-Axis Solar Tracker, 7.5 kW Wind Turbine
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   Our team at Solar Optimal Solutions specialize in Renewable Energy. We have recognized Ontario training that will satisfy your needs in Off-grid, Micro-Fit, and Fit. We can cover any basis from Installation, Design, Energy Advising and Consulting. The team consists of four honour roll graduates with accredited diplomas from Durham College of Skilled trades Apprenticeship and Renewable Technologies. 
    We here at Solar Optimal Solutions promise to provide the best quality of friendly and professional service in Ontario. We have sales reps from the Kawartha's to the GTA that are willing to take care of any of your needs, questions, or concerns.
    In order to provide you with the most suitable system for your particular needs, we will conduct a full site assessment and home assessment. This FREE service will provide us with the detailed information needed to determine the best source of renewable energy and sustainable solutions for your home and family.
Customer Satisfaction is Guaranteed!
Residential * Commercial * Industrial
Rural * Cottage * Warehouse * Hunt Camp
  • Customer Satisfaction is our Top Priority
  • Promote Renewable Energy and Sustainability
  • Increase the efficiency of your home
  • Improve the reputation of the industry
  • Design and Install quality Renewable Energy Systems
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